We’re Grooming Your Pet for Sweet-Smelling Success


Walk in Toenail Trims $10
with Dremil $15
Walk in Nail Dremil only $10
Walk in Anal Sacs Expression $10
Grooming prices as follows: Bath, Haircut, Nail Trim, Ears Cleaned, Anal Sac Expressed
Starting Price*:
Smaller Dogs 5-20 lbs $40
Medium dogs 21-40 $45
Large Dogs 41-60 $55
Extra Large Dogs 61+ $60

*Price varies depending on coat condition, mats, style of haircut, fleas, medicated shampoo, conditioning, etc


Bath only prices are normally $25-$35 for short hair dogs between 10 and 60 pounds flea bath, deshedding, medicated or conditioning would be $5-$8 more

Cat prices start at: $40
Short hair bath, nail trim, ears cleaned